GW4ALG's 136 kHz Pages

[ GW4ALG went QRT in February 2007 ]

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The following items and articles will be of interest to those wishing to learn more about experimentation on the LF bands:

[1] The First Year's Testing on 73 kHz (RadCom, August 1997, p17).

[2] 250 W Broadband MOSFET Amplifier for 136 kHz contributed by David Bowman G0MRF and presented by Pat Hawker G3VA in his 'Technical Topics' column (RadCom, February 1998, p59).

[3] Build Efficient, Short Vertical Antennas by Thomas Kuehl AC7A (QST, March 1998, p 39).

[4] Getting Started on 136 kHz by Peter Dodd G3LDO (RadCom, March 1998, p79).

[5] Adapting a G5RV for 136 kHz contributed by Steve Rawlings GW4ALG and presented by Pat Hawker G3VA in his 'Technical Topics' column (RadCom, May 1998, p60).

[6] How low can you go? by Kelvin Law G4WMZ (Short Wave Magazine, August 1998, p43).

[7] Exploring 136 kHz by Peter Dodd G3LDO (QST, November 1998, p30).

[8] Review of the The Ropex "First" 136 kHz transmitter (AMRAD Newsletter for May-June 1999, p7).  Or see: A First Glance at "The First", by André Kesteloot, N4ICK at:

[9] Review of the Ropex 'First' by Dave Pick G3YXM (Radio Today, June 1999).  Or see:
Review of the Ropex TX, Dave Pick G3YXM at:

[10] PA0SE's 136 kHz Transmitter contributed by Dick Rollema PA0SE and presented by Pat Hawker G3VA in his 'Technical Topics' column (RadCom, April 1999, p57).

[11] Aperiodic shielded loop and pre-selector for 136 kHz by Walter Geeraert PE1ABR. Translated and condensed by Erwin David G4LQI from Walter's original article presented in Election (NL) 2/99 (RadCom, April 1999, p38).

[12] Simplified antenna current monitoring contributed by John Innes VK2AUI and presented by Bob Schetgen KU7G in his 'Hints & Kinks' column (QST, June 1999, p75).  On 136 kHz this will work fine with a 25 mm OD 3C85 core.

[13] Operating on 136 kHz by Peter Dodd G3LDO (Practical Wireless, February 2000, p32).

[14] LF DXpedition to the Isle of Man by Graham Phillips G3XTZ (RadCom, February 2000, p16).

[15] A 136 kHz Antenna Tuner by John Heys G3BDQ (Practical Wireless, May 2000, p46). 

[16] Fun on 'Long Wave' - But is it QRP? by Steve Rawlings GW4ALG (SPRAT No. 107, Summer 2001, p18). 

[17] The AMRAD Active LF Antenna by Frank Gentges K0BRA (QST, September 2001, p31). 

[18] The Marathon 136 kHz QRP Transmitter by Steve Rawlings GW4ALG (SPRAT No. 108, Autumn 2001, p12). 

[19] Wassereimer-Variometer für 136 kHz  Steve Rawlings GW4ALG (QRP-Report, 1·2003, s11.  Übersetzt und aufbereitet von Matthias Rauhut, DF2OF).  Vielen Dank, Matthias!

[20] A Class D Transmitter for  136kHz by David Bowman G0MRF (RadCom, January & February 2003).


a) 'QST' is the monthly journal of the American Radio Relay League (ARRL).
b) 'RadCom' (Radio Communication) is the monthly journal of the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB).
c) 'AMRAD Newsletter' is the journal of Amateur Radio Research and Development Corporation (AMRAD).
d) 'SPRAT' is the journal of the G-QRP Club
e) 'QRP-Report' is the quarterly journal of DL-QRP-AG.