GW4ALG's 136 kHz Pages

[ GW4ALG went QRT in February 2007 ]

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G3YMC Web Site
Dave Sergeant, G3YMC gives us practical details of his LF station equipment, including his 136 kHz transmitting loop and equations for predicting loop characteristics.   Dave's calculations have been confirmed through RF measurements.

G3YXM Web Site
Dave Pick includes details of who he's worked and lots of information about his high power transmitting equipment. Also includes a picture of the LX1PD tx (I've never seen so many PL509s in one place before!).

G7KPF UK Amateur Radio Quick Links
Andy G7KPF has done a great job of cataloguing UK-based amateur radio web pages. At Andy's site you'll find over 800 UK links, plus much more!

AMRAD - Amateur Radio Research and Development Corporation
A worldwide club of Amateur Radio and computer experimenters. AMRAD has included much discussion concerning LF in its journal 'AMRAD Newsletter'.

DF3LP Web Site
Peter describes a number of projects including his 50 watt transmitter for 137 kHz and an LF receiving loop antenna.

G0MRF LF Projects
David G0MRF shares his experiences in designing and building the G0MRF 250 W PA. Some great pictures too!

ON7YD Pages
Another nicely presented site with lots of information about LF antennas - and much more!

David Jefferies Pages
Some excellent papers covering a number of antenna topics.  It's very nice of Mr Jefferies to make this information available.  Please respect the copyright on the material that he has presented.

ZL1BPU Pages
Murray Greenman ZL1BPU runs what is probably the definitive Hellschreiber web site, and also the only web sites for MFSK, MT63 and Peter G3PLX's chirp sounding experiments.

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