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[ GW4ALG went QRT in February 2007 ]

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Most of my QRP operation has been on the MF and HF bands, with some experimentation on 136 kHz.  The equipment used includes:
- a homemade transceiver on 80 m;
- a Yaesu FT101E;
- an Icom IC756PRO;
- a Yaesu FT707;
- an Elecraft K2; and, most recently,
- a transmitter/receive converter combo for 60 m

The measurement of transmitter output power is accomplished using a Welz SP220 power meter, and a homemade audio bandpass filter to the PA0LQ design (40 Hz bandwidth) is used to improve the selectivity, as required.

For information about my 'Marathon' QRP TX for 136 kHz, click here.

For more information about the equipment used for QRP operation on the MF/HF bands, click one of the links below.




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