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[ GW4ALG went QRT in February 2007 ]

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FT707 transceiver

My FT707 was a gift from my late father-in-law, Donald W. Behnken, KA1LXO who had used it on the family boat prior to upgrading to a TS430S.

I have modifed the rig such that the MOX switch is now used to switch in a receive attenuator.  The rig suffers from a design fault whereby the PA goes non-linear when using SSB off a 12 v supply - it needs at least a 13.0 volt supply to prevent the PA bias current dropping too low.  Since I mainly use QRP CW, this is not a problem for me!


Picture of FT707


Mode switch problems

Although I have never experienced problems with the mode switch on my rig, Eric Young G4MZX has reported that he had been given a FT707 where the mode switch had come loose and ripped off most of the wires.  As it did not come with a manual, Eric asked for extracts from the circuit diagram so that he could reconnect the wires.  Wiring of the four switch wafers is included below (just click on the thumbnails to view). 

S2a                  S2e and S2c                      S2d