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[ GW4ALG went QRT in February 2007 ]

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I'm Steve Rawlings, holder of the amateur radio callsign 'GW4ALG'.  

Through these pages, you can find out about my low power ('QRP') amateur radio activities. 

Most of the information relates to operation from my home station, but some information about my portable operations has also been included. 

Low Power Operation
Making radio contacts using simple morse transmitters and receivers can be very challenging - and very rewarding. 

Most low power (QRP) operators use conventional morse code - frequently within the range 10 to 20 words per minute (wpm.  So you don't have to be a morse 'expert' to join in the fun: you'll find lots of experienced operators to match your preferred sending speed. 

Although the signal 'QRP' has been used for many decades in a relative sense -- such as 'shall I reduce my transmitter power', the use of 'QRP' is now frequently used in an absolute sense.  In recent years, organisations representing low power enthusiasts have defined 'QRP' as a transmit power of  five watts, or less.

To find out more, select the hyperlinks at the top and bottom of these web pages. 


My location
I am in an elevated part of Chepstow, south east Wales; about 70 m above sea level (ASL) with a good 'take-off' to the south and the east.

Location map for Chepstow

For a detailed street map of my location click here

For an OS map (1:50,000) of my location, click here

The shack

The Shack - taken Dec 2002


Good luck on QRP!

Steve Rawlings, GW4ALG
23 September 2004


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