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[ GW4ALG went QRT in February 2007 ]

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This is the web site for the G-QRP Club which has done so much to promote this exciting aspect of amateur radio.  Join today!

These are the personal pages of Petr Prause, OK1DPX

G4GXO Pages
Ron, G4GXO has just started to publish some of his projects on the web.  Currently, you will find details of his SSB IF strip.  More projects to follow.

G7KPF UK Amateur Radio Quick Links
Andy G7KPF has done a great job of cataloguing UK-based amateur radio web pages. At Andy's site you'll find over 800 UK links, plus much more!

David Jefferies Pages
Some excellent papers covering a number of antenna topics.  It's very nice of Mr Jefferies to make this information available.  Please respect the copyright on the material that he has presented.

GW0VMR site
Patrick has an interesting collection of morse keys.  It was Patrick's pictures that enabled me to identify my favourite straight key: a German WW2 'T1'.


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