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[ GW4ALG went QRT in February 2007 ]

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Welz SP220 Power Meter

Quick Operating Guide

To measure SWR:
1) Set Function switch to CAL position.
2) Rotate the CAL control fully anti-clockwise.
3) Plug in the morse key and key the transmitter.
4) Rotate the CAL control to set the meter needle to the CAL position.
5) Set Function switch to the SWR position.
6) Note that the meter needle now reads SWR.
7) Release morse key.

To measure power:
The unit is a direct reading power meter when the Function switch is in the POWER position. Simply select the required power range, and then select forward/reverse on the Power switch.

To monitor the transmitted PEP:
The CAL control includes a push/pull switch to select 'Average Power' (with the switch pushed in), or Peak Envelope Power (with the switch pulled out). 

When you pull the CAL switch with the Function switch in the POWER position, the meter adds a sort of 'peak hold' feature so that you can gain a rough idea of the peak envelope power of a SSB signal.