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[ GW4ALG went QRT in February 2007 ]

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eXtreme CW (XCW)

To survive in an otherwise QRO world, QRP operators learn to become patient; dedicated; and tenacious.  Without these qualities, they would give-up low power radio communication and move into the QRO comfort zone.

It is for this reason that QRP CW operators invariably make excellent eXtreme CW (XCW)operators.

eXtreme CW may be defined as the use of conventional morse code communication under difficult operating conditions.  Such difficult conditions may be due to very weak signals; continuous or intermittent local interference; or due to co-channel interference (for example, from intruders in the IARU CW-Only segments).

Basic Techniques
XCW techniques include:
- the judicious use of slow CW (down to, say, 12 wpm);
- full break-in operation to send characters/words during breaks in QRM;
- very accurate netting (+/- 20 Hz);
- very narrow receive bandwidths (<100 Hz);
- sending 'XCW' so that the other operator knows that you're keen to get the message through;
- message repeats; and,
- repeated 'R' to confirm message receipt.

XCW Events
The second eXtreme CW World-Wide Challenge takes place on 28-29 October 2006.  For details, click here.