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[ Previously GW4ALG (QRT in February 2007) ]

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Horizontal Loop Antenna

This antenna was in use at G4ALG from 2021 to November 2022.  The antenna comprised a loop of wire having a perimeter of 110 metres, at about 9 m high.

At the shack end, the loop was tuned using an MFJ balanced antenna matching unit.   It never performed very well on 40/80/160, probably because, for its size, it didn't enclose a very large area.  It was far from square in shape, and more like a stretched triangle.

In practice, I often used it on the lower frequency bands with the feedpoint strapped and matched to 50 ohms as you would for an end fed wire.

In early December 2022, I replaced the horizontal loop with two antennas: a 54 m longwire, and an inverted V doublet having a 2 x 23 m top.