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Icom IC756PRO3 transceiver

What can anyone say about this rig?  It's a black box - a truly wonderful box of magic.   I've done the so-called 'wideband' modification so that it transmits on 60m also.   This transceiver works perfectly in every way, with loads of RX/TX antenna options.  However, as we all know, it's much more fun to use home made gear!

In October 2023, I completed a small program of maintenance tasks on this 18-year old transceiver.  These tasks included:
a) replacing the rather dim CFL backlight with a 'MaxxLight' LED backlight upgrade kit created by Max VE3TMT and now available from Scott W1NB;
b) replacing the two faulty stepper motors on the tuner board; and,
c) replacing the clock back-up battery.


'MaxxLight' LED backlight upgrade kit

I only recently became aware of the 'MaxxLight' LED backlight upgrade kit for the IC756PRO3, and I wish that I had installed it much sooner.  Anyway, it's done now - and I'm delighted with the result!  I am very grateful to Max VE3TMT and Scott W1NB for making this kit available.

For more details, click here.


Internal antenna matching unit ('tuner') motors

Replacement stepper motors (MP24ZA) and the associated connection cables are available at a very reasonable price from Icom UK Limited in Herne Bay, Kent.  The original model of motor (MP28GA) is no longer available and it is expected that this new part will be more reliable.  The three rotor components in the original motor often separated during use, resulting in failure of the motor and, therefore, of the internal antenna matching unit.

I have written a procedure for changing the stepper motors in the IC756PRO3, and it may be found by clicking here.




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